Blog #2: Bamboozled

Bamboozled [Motion picture]. (2001). United States: New Line Home Entertainment.

Directed By: Spike Lee.
Starring: Damon Wayans, Jada Pinkett Smith, & Tommy Davidson.

In the movie Bamboozled we meet a character named Pierre Delacroix, he recently graduated from Harvard and is now an executive at CNS which is a large television network. Pierre is one of the very few African Americans on staff and he starts to notice how that would effect his work and relationships. One person that he has had several issues with was his boss Mr. Dunwitty. Dunwitty always commented on how he was blacker than Pierre because he was married to a black women and had two bi-racial kids. Pierre became very frustrated with his comments because Dunwitty always stereotyped him against the black characters you see on television.

Pierre soon became sick of his boss and his work so he intended to create a script that could get him fired. He wanted to create something so controversial that there Bamboozled-2000-posterimgwas no other choice but to let him go. What he didn’t realize was that his show actually became a huge sensation and everyone seemed to love it. The show was called Mantan The New Millennium Minstrel Show and it was so controversial because there were white characters with black faces. In the end of the film these characters with the black faces start to question their identities and change their views about black culture. The main character also ends up getting kidnapped by a gang and eventually killed.

The big theme of this entire movie is the mocking and stereotyping of Black culture. Besides the black faces there are many contributing factors to the mocking of African Americans such as the many times the word “Nigger” is said throughout the film.

This film definitely raises many questions and stereotypes of African American culture. It seems on that we base our perceptions of this culture strictly through what we see on television and in the media. In the end of the film you notice that several character are bamboozled and in effect suffer severe consequences basically stating not to stereotype cultures through what we see in the media.

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