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Ian Knechtle

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Product placement in television shows and movies can be very effective, but also very damaging. They can be effective by not taking away from the story, creating brand identity, and building a relationship with the consumer. It can be a very powerful form of advertising by really pulling at the consumers desire to want something. It can be dangerous for many reasons also. These risks include taking away from the story, standing out and being a distraction, creating negative identity, and being seen as too persuasive and over the top.

There are many strong benefits to product placement that advertisers have noticed and acted upon. Product placement in television shows and movies can develop a strong relationship and devotion from the fans of that program. The fans will be drawn even more to the certain product because it reminds them of their show or movie. This can be very powerful by pulling in the fans as new and devoted consumers. Also, putting these products in films and shows can create a very positive image. This image can be built by portraying the product as something very positive that benefits the people in the movie or show. The product should definitely not stand out too hard so that it’s clear that it’s product placement, that would take away from the story and bring negativity to the product.

The negative side of product placement in television shows and movies is quite clear and damaging. As mentioned earlier, if it takes away from the story or causes a distraction that can be very negative and hurt the product. Putting a product in television and movies can be a risk by having it in an environment that is up for interpretation and can lead to a negative portrayal. Having a product present in a negative scene in a movie or show can lead to the fans not liking the product and leaning away from it. Also, ethically product placement might not be the best form of advertising. Some people see it as too persuasive and disguised. It can truly pull at emotions and change desires when done correctly and powerfully, which can be dangerous. People have started to catch on to that which has given product placement some bad light. The risks of product placement are very present and dangerous.

Overall, after weighing the risks and rewards of product placement, I would agree with it and use it if I was in advertising. Of course it has to be carried out very delicately and precisely, but the rewards outweigh the risks I believe. Product placement has made it easier for advertisers to get their messages to the audience especially in today’s world where many people skip the commercials during a television show’s break (Tanner, 2014). This new opportunity has opened doors for advertisers to reach the audience and not worry about the audience never receiving the message. Product placement can do an amazing job at connecting the audience to a product in a powerful way that will make the audience loyal to that product.

Tanner, R. (2014, September 8). Synergy Or Interference? How Product Placement In TV Shows Affects The Commercial-Break Audience. Retrieved March 8, 2015, from

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