Ethical Issue in Good Night and Good Luck

Heslov,G. (Producer) & Clooney, G. (Director). (2005, Oct 7). Good Night and

Good Luck [Motion picture]. United States: Warner Independent Picture.good_night_and_good_luck_ver3_xlg (Courtesy of

The movie Good Night and Good Luck directed by George Clooney, focuses on the fear of Communism and Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. CBS reporter Edward R. Murrow and CBS producer Fred W. Friendly decided to expose Joseph McCarthy for his actions towards suspected Communists. Edward R. Murrow is a watchdog for the public to expose Senator Joseph McCarthy and him punishing people who are suspected Communists.

Murrow who is the CBS journalist makes a decision to run a story that involves the United States Air Force and their dismissing of an airman. McCarthy’s committee presented evidence that the airman’s father had Communist ideals. Even with pressure on Murrow to not run the story by the United States Air Force he decided to go with the story and let the viewers know the truth. After CBS, ran a story on Senator Joseph McCarthy they were charged as they were suspected to be Communists. These charges didn’t stop Murrow from presenting evidence on McCarthy even though he was facing legal issues. Murrow invites Senator McCarthy on his show, which leads to him stating Murrow is a communist. After the public realizes that Murrow displayed investigations that were credible against McCarthy the people began to go against the Senator. The Senate votes him off as chairman of the committee.

The ethical issue that Edward R. Murrow displays in this film is being responsible to people of the United States and reporting information even with pressure on him from the Air Force and the United States government. When we think of journalism we want the journalists to report the right information and let the public know what is happening in the country. Murrow was a strong character that proved he was serving the rights of the people and allowing them to know what the government is doing. The strength that Murrow shows with all the pressure on him should be aspired from all future journalists that if they think it’s right to report to the people to run the story.


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