Blog Post 2



The Social Network is a film that raises one of the biggest ethical issues of transparency. The film takes viewers in the life of Mark Zuckerberg, who is known for creating the biggest social networking site to date, Facebook. The whole process of how Facebook came to be has been a little foggy (who was responsible for what). What we as an audience knows is that there was a great idea that took off and then many people tried to claim that they deserved the credit for it.

The biggest issue around the movie is who was involved with getting Facebook to the point that it is now, a multibillion-dollar company. The movie takes place in the courtroom six years after Facebook has taken off, while Zuckerberg is in the middle of two different lawsuits. The movie is in a series of flashbacks, while each person tells their story accordingly. Eduardo who is Zuckerberg’s best friend, who is also one of the people suing him, at the time of Facebook’s take off is arguing that he was pushed out of the company and unfairly compensated for his part. The other lawsuit is with the Winklevoss twins who argue that Facebook was their idea the whole time and Zuckerberg went behind their back to excel with it. This here deals with transparency. Mark Zuckerberg was not transparent enough with everyone involved, and instead he arguably went behind many peoples’ back in order to get ahead. In the process of this he is dishonest to his best friend, Eduardo and he leads the Winklevoss twins to believe he is working on a project for them that he is not. Whether Zuckerberg was guilty of all these accusations or not it is very clear that there was a flaw with his communication to others. The transparency was not there leading to secrets and dishonesty amongst everyone involved.




The social network [Motion picture]. (2011). Sony Pictures Home Entertainment.

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