Blog Post #2

truman_show_ver1_xlg-the-truman-show-tv-show-movie-gets-own-tv-showNiccol, A., & Weir, P. (1999). The Truman show. Hollywood, CA: Paramount Pictures.

        The Truman show is a story and television show about a man who was bought by a corporation. Truman is the main character and is in a large dome or studio with actors playing out his every move in his everyday life. Truman has no idea that his whole life has been watched by millions of people through the 5,000 cameras in the studio.

One could say the dome or the studio is the government and Truman is a person being watched over. For example, when people found out the government was recording peoples phone calls the ethical issue was lack of privacy. Lack of privacy is a huge problem, especially in the United States. However, one of the bigger ethical issues is the thought that Truman was being watched without the consent of him. During the movie it seemed as though there was a Big Brother aspect because the directors and producers were watching over him at all times. By not getting consent from Truman at all the ethical issues result in dishonesty. It may not seem as intense watching our every move. With the Internet you could say life has become more controlled like the Truman show. You can still make your own decisions but your every click on the Internet is being watched and collected for data use or other reasons.

In an interview that takes place with the producer of The Truman Show and a news station that talks about advertising and how one thing that the show does a lot of is advertising. All the clothes that the actors are wearing are for sale. Also throughout the movie there would be advertisements and obvious acts of product placement. For example, when Truman was sitting at the dinner table and his wife Meryl says “Why don’t you let me fix you some of this Mococoa drink, all natural cocoa beans from the upper sloped of Mount Nicaragua, no artificial sweeteners.” That quote is a huge example of deceptive product placement. The ethical issue with product placement is that it is sometimes not obvious to an audience and can sometimes take advantage of an audience. Also, sometimes the products that are being advertised are not good for certain age groups which makes it unethical when tricking an audience into watching advertisements when aiming to watch a movie.


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