Blog Post #1 Taking Stock

All of the concerns identified in the Cooper article were discussed in the mini interviews conducted. Cooper talks about the increase of sex and violence on TV, something that my grandfather talked extensively about. He feels as thought the increase of violence is unnecessary and that violence to this degree should not be used as entertainment. Recent father, Alan is now starting to notice how easy it is for children to access content that they shouldn’t have access to. Another main point identified by Cooper and the people I interviewed was advertising. Everyday we are constantly bombarded with thousands of advertisement and messages. This was one of the points my mother felt most strongly about, she does not like the amount of advertisements shown. She thinks there are far too many messages pushed upon us everyday, a point that my grandfather also agreed with. He thinks the evolution of TV has been incredible and he told me that he doesn’t understand the volume of advertisements compared to when he first started watching TV almost fifty years ago. My mom’s boyfriend disagrees; he is okay with the amount of advertising shown in media today. He says if you don’t like it, there isn’t much to do about it. Although these points were discussed during the interviews, the majority of my conversations with the interviewees were about credibility.

When asked about their news channel of choice, various outlets were named. My mother prefers CNN to other news sources, however my grandfather prefers newspapers such as the Wall Street Journal. My boss, Alan prefers watching Fox News. All solidified the notion that people watch news sources that reflect their views.

The case study used was about NBC Nightly News reporter, Brian Williams. Williams lied about being aboard a helicopter that was struck during the 2003 US invasion of Iraq. He was in fact no on board the one that was hit, he later admitted but was riding in the helicopter following the one that was struck. This information surfaced while NBC Nightly News ran a story about Sargent Major Tim Terpak who was aboard the helicopter hit in 2003. Not everyone interviewed was familiar with this situation so they needed to be briefed about it. My boss, Alan said that he generally trusts the information on the news and online sources so he was surprised by this case study. He is slowly becoming aware of the problems in credibility. Alan said that he believed Brian Williams to be a credible new source until this recent situation. My mother says that she does not trust the news anymore because of the numerous lies that have surfaced such as the Brian Williams case. Not only does she believe the stories to not be credible but she also believes that news stations tend to repeat the same stories, making her loose interest. She says she’s seen too much coverage of the Brian Williams story and not enough of other problems. My mom’s boyfriend, Norman believes that situations like the one with Brian Williams just further proves that more regulations need to be enforced in media. My boyfriend, Sam said that unfortunately he is not surprised by the Brian Williams story since it is obviously not the first time we have seen something like this happen. He talked a lot about how difficult it is to find a news source that he trusts. My grandfather stated that he used to trust the information that he was exposed to but he no longer trusts it, he does not think news sources are credible anymore, he thinks the reports and news have turned into a form of entertainment and that makes him skeptical. It seems as though every generation feels the same about the problems of credibility and validity of the news shown.



Shepard, D. (2015, February 4). NBC News anchor Brian Williams admits he was not aboard helicopter fired on in Iraq: Videos. Retrieved February 25, 2015, from

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