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The Cooper article was very interesting about mass media and the ethical issues. A survey was conducted and asked what mass media behaviors concerns them the most? (Cooper, 2008).The top 5 concerns were Media bias or one-sidedness 19%, Don’t know/declined to answer 19%, No concerns 17%, Media dishonesty 11%, Invasion of privacy 9% (Cooper, 2008). Some people watch the news on there local news affiates such as NBC 7 news, NewsCenter 5 and Fox 25 in the Boston area. Other people get their news from now a day’s tabloid TV that are based around comedy such as The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report (Cooper, 2008). These shows do report news but has a satirical wrinkle to it and focuses on a liberal or conservative point of view. Other news organizations such as Fox News and NBC News have there own conservative and liberal shows that attacks the other side of the political spectrum (Cooper, 2008).

The ethical issue that I am addressing is the Brian Williams story and the false reporting of the story in Iraq in 2003. Williams reported that he was on a military helicopter that was hit by an RPG and forced to land. (CBS News, 2015). Over the years, Williams stated he was hit and then later it hit the chopper in front of us and then in 2015 came out and said he wasn’t hit (CBS News, 2015). The story really in my opinion was blown out of proportion. He did misreport but how did it take 12 years to find out this mistake. Some people see it as a travesty that he “lied” about the incident but that is there opinion. Also with his history of false reporting of other events such as Hurricane Katrina he should have been suspended years ago.

The public’s primary issue or concern with the Internet is fraud, spam/viruses and the availability of pornography to children (Cooper, 2008). The main concerns with telephone have telemarketing and wiretapping (Cooper, 2008). These issues all deal with the privacy that humans have when it comes to the Internet and telephone. I interviewed all 5 members of my family. I interviewed my Dad (50 years old), Mom (50 Years old), My Sister Nicole (25 years old), her fiancé Dennis (25 years old) and my sister Ashley (22 years old). I asked all of them what in the media concerns them the most? My parents both stated that the Media Dishonesty is what they were concerned with. They said that not knowing what exactly is happening in Afghanistan, Iraq and Middle East isn’t right and the people should know more about foreign affairs such as ISIS and the government’s response to these organizations. My Sisters and Dennis all said the privacy they have on social media concerns them the most. Even though they can have private accounts and monitor their friends you can still have access to peoples location. Social Media seems like another way to track people by finding out where they are sending out tweets, Facebook statuses and Instagram posts. It seems that in recent months the spam and viruses on these websites specifically Facebook has started to make people uneasy and delete their Facebook accounts. Both age groups said two totally different answers focused around Media Dishonesty and how older people want to know the truth while the “Social Media Generation” 15-25 year olds worry about the privacy they have on the sites. After reading the article by Cooper, interviewing family members and going over past mass media ethical issues it seems that the media will always be doing unethical practices but we most cut down on the severity of what it’s.


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